Hey there! It’s been a while! The pandemic really hit us hard – people and businesses, but we are not the type to just sit around and wait until everything is over. We adapt and we strive even harder! And one thing that can help us get through this kind of situation is Music! Music will always be a part of our lives and it has effectively helped us through this pandemic, relaxing our minds, setting the mood and giving us the vibe. Who here miss all the parties, large crowd and loud music? We surely do! So here’s what’s upcoming, get excited! We will be holding a virtual party very soon and we will be featuring Djs and aspiring DJs from Perth! Thanks to one of our major sponsors, an organization offering Tree Surgeon Services in UK and at the same time a partner in The Good DJ Company, one of the newest London Dj service. They actually reached out to us and expressed their interest in a collaboration project such as this and for a win-win situation, some of the funds that will be collected from the virtual party will also be used to set up their new branch here in Perth.

To give you bit of a background about our sponsor, they actually have three branches already and this is in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are dedicated Tree Surgeon professionals across Scotland or Arborist as what people usually call them. An Arborist covers a lot of specialties and this includes Tree Surgeons, Arboriculturist, Forester, Wood Cutter, Lumberjack, Tree Planting, Hedge Trimming and Tree Stump Removal. These people have the certifications and distinctions in their fields and insurances in place. They have at least 10 years of experience in the field and they actually are open to fellow Arborists to join their team. This is also the reason why their expanding in Perth because at lot of Arborists in Perth have reached out to them and they wanted to explore the business potential here. They are professional people and they give their full support in our event. In fact, they also have their very own Tree Surgeons/Arborists who are aspiring DJs as well and they will be sharing some of their music in the event!

If you are a Dj who lost a job during the pandemic or an aspiring one, here’s how you can register to the event. You can fill out the form in our contacts page here in our website and just put in the subject, Virtual party registration and tell us why you should be included in our Featured Dj list. Please also send your own mix sample that we can review. If you will be shortlisted, one of our team members will contact you and provide you with further instructions.

We are very excited for this event and we really hope that it will be a success! The event will be featured live in our Facebook page so please do invite your friends to watch! We thank you in advance for all the support that you will be providing us, sponsors and participants. We look forward to an epic Virtual party and we hope that a lot of Djs will be discovered through this event!


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