We´re a portal dedicated to DJs. Our main objective is to impulse the “Dj and artistic Talent in Perth” sharing with our followers, many resources to grow their own Dj´s Productions, that way we will be spreading the extraordinary talent that our DJs have in all Perth shire.
Welcome to the GHR (GoodHandRecords.com). It is really the only virtual community for DJs and Producers on Perth where you can see and subscribe to the latest news from our world of artists, along with original and multi-level Tutorials, as well as a space to interact with your colleagues (DJs, producers, musicians and curious), download Skins for Virtual DJ, Maps for your DJ equipment, Download Pack, Music…
Everything you will need to grow professionally in your career as a DJ and/or Producer, totally legal, free and quality, you can get at GoodHandRecords.com!