We are increasingly seeing efforts by event organizers and promoters to surprise and go beyond the conventions. So, Today, what best way to inaugurate this blog than bringing you 8 of these examples with incredible sites where DJs have mixed to make their events an unforgettable party. See to believe!

1. Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox in Stonehenge

Paul Oakenfold is probably the most recognized producer and DJ who has emerged from the British music scene in the last ten years. So it is not weird to him to perform in a site so emblematic like the famous landmark.

2. Nina Kraviz in the Great Wall of China

Born in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, as soon as she arrived in Moscow, Nina becomes a sensation. Her performances are amazing and she has made her music take the stage even in the Great Wall of China.

3. Paul Oakenfold at the base of Everest

4. Peggy Gou and Artwork in an underwater cave

In the life of Peggy Gou (Incheon, South Korea, 1990) music and fashion mix incessantly. It is so common to see her playing with her DJ set at festivals and attending parades or parties of enterprises such as Mulberry or Miu Miu. Sometimes it is even she who plays electronic music at those events that take place in places like an underwater cave.

5. Andrew Weatherall at the Sydney Opera House

Andrew Weatherall has been in this electronic music since the beginning of the acid house. Considered a top figure of the Underground, Weatherall is an electronic experimenter who has contributed like no other to the development of music since his performances in the legendary Danny Rampling Shoom. He´s among the few performers who have played from the legendary Opera House.

6. Horse Meat Disco at the Orbit Tower in London

The acclaimed London collective: Horse Meat Disco, are already in their eighth year of activity, continuing their career of crowded stores and surprising references. Inspired by the sound of the New York club scene of the seventies and eighties, the group has earned a reputation for its incredible parties and sessions like the one they performed in the Orbit Tower.

7. Logan Sama at ICA London

A DJ specializing in grime, Logan Sama, goes through the co-culture of the FabricLive canned mix series with incredible post-production. I performed in this emblematic place like no other

8. Fatboy Slim in the British Parliament (Big Ben)

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